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Juicey Gems

Juicey Mystery Grab Bag

Juicey Mystery Grab Bag

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 Our enchanting Mystery Crystal Bag 

A captivating assortment that promises to bring a touch of magic and wonder into your life. Unveil the mysteries of the universe with this carefully curated collection of exquisite crystals, each handpicked to infuse your space with positive energy and radiant vibes.

Delve into the unknown as you unwrap the secrets concealed within the velvety folds of our Mystery Crystal Bag. Each bag is a unique journey, containing a diverse selection of high-quality crystals that range from mesmerizing quartz varieties to captivating gemstones. Let the element of surprise elevate your crystal collection, providing you with a mix of colors, shapes, and energies to spark your curiosity.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of mystic energies, our Mystery Crystal Bag is designed to cater to all levels of crystal appreciation. Harness the power of amethyst for tranquility, quartz for clarity, or obsidian for protection – each crystal in your bag is a potential conduit for positive transformation and spiritual growth.

Perfect for meditation, energy work, or simply as beautiful decor, our Mystery Crystal Bag makes an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. Embrace the joy of discovery and adorn your surroundings with the mystical allure of these radiant gems. Elevate your living space, enhance your well-being, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our one-of-a-kind Mystery Crystal Bag.

Unwrap the magic within and let the energies of these mysterious crystals inspire a sense of wonder in your life. Embrace the unknown and invite positive vibrations with our Mystery Crystal Bag – because sometimes, the most beautiful things come from the mysteries we unravel.

Bag includes a selection of 5 of the following crystals:
Selenite Heart
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Smokey Quartz
Amethyst Quartz
Tangerine Quartz
Mexican Fluorite

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