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Moonstone & Black Onxy Quartz

Moonstone & Black Onxy Quartz

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Divinely Protected ❤️ Intuitive Energy ❤️ Spiritual Growth

One of a kind, hand crafted, Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Color: Clear with golden,, brown, reddish or black strands of rutile.

Wear spiritual greatness. In ancient times, the Greeks called rutilated quartz "hair of Aphrodite", while the Romans referred to it as "hair of Venus". Known as the Stone of Romance and Therapeutic Healings.

Supports Chakras: All 

Zodiac: Clear: All ;Rutile: Taurus, Gemini

Set in Sterling Silver Bezels and connected by Silver plated links.

Length: 7 1/2” length

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