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Crystal Flower Cluster

Crystal Flower Cluster

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Flower Clusters, $175 each, Yellow Druzy, Green Druzy, Clear Druzy Quartz, Demensions appx: 2.5 in x 3.5 inches

Flower Clusters are beautiful and unique type of crystal formation that is made up of many small crystals that have grown together. Clear Quartz, Citrine and Green Quartz Flower Clusters are said to have powerful healing properties and are often used in meditation and energy healing practices. They are also popular among collectors and can be a beautiful addition to any crystal collection.

Natural crystals of the Earth with a little added human care through a high heat treatment binds these crystal clusters and natural minerals together tightly creating find druzy growth.  Any impurities, cracks, or imperfections (unless otherwise noted) are normal and part of the crystal formation process. All photos and videos are taken in natural room lighting.

Perfect for gift giving, decor or as meditation tools.

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