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Gemstone Conscious Water Bottles

Gemstone Conscious Water Bottles

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Step into a world where every sip of water becomes a mindful moment with our Conscious Water Bottles influenced by metaphysical properties of beautiful gemstones. Imagine refreshing hydration that not only quenches your body but also nurtures your spirit.

Conscious Water is more than just hydration; it's an invitation to connect deeply with the essence of life itself. Infused with intention and positive energy, each drop carries the vibrations of wellness and harmony, reminding us to be present and grateful for the simple pleasures. With every sip, you're not just drinking water – you're embracing a holistic experience that awakens your senses and rejuvenates your being. Elevate your hydration ritual and embrace the power of Conscious Water, where mindfulness meets refreshment in every exquisite sip.

Features: Borosilicate Glass, Removable Bottom, Interchangable Crystals, Glass Separates Crystal

Rose Quartz ~ Love (COMING APRIL 22, EARTH DAY 2024)
Amethyst Quartz ~ Joy (COMING APRIL 22, EARTH DAY 2024)
Citrine ~ Abundance (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
Aquamarine ~ Serenity (NOT AVAILABLE YET)

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