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Quartz Geode - Giant

Quartz Geode - Giant

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Quartz Geode Giant, $1555/pair, $999/38.9 lbs, 888/31.1 lbs

Clarity ❤️ Growth ❤️ Connection

Discover the enchanting beauty of this Stunning Giant Clear Quartz Geode from Morocco.  This two part of a 70 pounds is a mesmerizing geological wonder that unveils a world of crystalline brilliance. Nestled within the rugged exterior lies a treasure trove of transparent quartz crystals, creating a stunning display of light and energy.

Revered for its purifying qualities, Clear Quartz is believed to amplify spiritual awareness, cleanse the aura, and enhance mental clarity. This giant Moroccan geode, with its intricate and sparkling formations, serves as a potent symbol of inner harmony and balance.

The metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz make it a versatile and powerful crystal, resonating with individuals across the zodiac spectrum. However, those born under the signs of Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn are thought to particularly benefit from its transformative energies, aligning with their analytical and grounding characteristics. Embrace the radiant energy of this Moroccan Clear Quartz geode as it brings both aesthetic allure and metaphysical depth into your sacred space.

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